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Our History

It is our hope and prayer that Temple Baptist Church will continue to be of service and ministry to our community as our Lord leads. Thank you for your support and prayers during these past years. The future is bright, and our God is capable of meeting all of our needs through Christ Jesus our Lord.  

Current  Staff  of  Temple  Baptist  Church

Pastor - Scott Higginbotham

Music Minister - James Griffin

Youth Minister - Dallas Eaves

Children's Coordinator - Stephanie Mann

Nursery Coordinator - Melissa Parks

Office Administrator -Terri Powell

Custodian - Nathan Parks


Sonny Cherry

Dean Coleman

Fred Eaves

Bobby Evans

Glenn Fleming

Charles Harlan

John Hawley

Casey Mann

Mark McHugh

Eddie Murphy

Edward Powell

David Sanders

David Timmons

Andrew Cumby

Gary Riddlespurger


The  Founding  of  Temple  Baptist  Church

In the mid 1940's, a young ministerial student from Wayland College was driving in south Amarillo, saw a tremendous need and heard an urgent call to dedicate his life to the building of a church in that area.  However, three things stood in his way; his education was not complete, his faith was not strong enough, and God was not ready yet. Then in 1947, the voice of God became strong in W.C. Bryant's heart.  He came to Amarillo, and asked God to show the way, but the door seemed to close.


On May 21, 1947, Temple Baptist Church was organized with fourteen members; Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Bryant and Lannie Wayne, Mr. & Mrs. W.T. Hayworth and Don, Mr. & Mrs. Roy Brinson, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Starkey, Mr. & Mrs. A.M. Upton, Mrs. G.O. Ketchum, and Mr. & Mrs. Joe Yannis. The church officers included Sunday School Superintendent, Mrs. W.T. Hayworth, Training Union Director, A.M. Upton, Church Clerk and Treasurer, Joe Yannis, Choir Director, Mrs. Joe Yannis, Pianist, Don Hayworth, and W.C. Bryant as Pastor at a salary of $40 per week. The group agreed that all those who joined the church within two months would automatically become charter members. The group also voted to be a Southern Baptist Church, adopted the Church Covenant and became members of the Palo Duro Association of District Ten.


The first services were held June 1, 1947 in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Hayworth, with an attendance of 30 in Sunday School in five classes.  The first building fund was started on June 17, with $285 being collected that day. Soon the Hayworth residence was outgrown, and in October 1947, the Seventh Day Adventist Church was secured as a new temporary place to worship. Within four months, the church had outgrown that building and rented a six-room house across the street for additional space.


On January 11, 1948, buildings were purchased from the Pampa Air Force Base and moved to 33rd and South Van Buren where they were remodeled in part by church members who worked many late nights. The church moved its services into a partly finished building on October 1, 1948.


About two years later, the church was faced with a much needed building program, no available funds, and an indebtedness of $15,000. The people rallied, raised $8,000 by bond subscription and bonds of $50,000 were let for building a new sanctuary. In June 1950, ground was broken for a new building providing an auditorium with around 800 seating capacity, with thirteen departments and 65 classes. All property, when completed, was valued at $135,000. Temple Baptist occupied the new building December 10, 1950 with a Sunday school enrollment of 787 and a Training Union enrollment of 355.

The  Pastors  of  Temple  Baptist  Church

In February 1952, Reverend Hal Upchurch became the second pastor of Temple Baptist Church. During his ministry, Temple organized and sponsored a mission which two years later became known as Southlawn Baptist Church.  


Bro. Bill Williams was the third pastor, serving from 1960 until 1962. 


Bro. Robert E. Jenkins became Temple's fourth pastor.  Bro. Jenkins served until 1970 and led Temple through a difficult period in our church's history.


In 1970, Bro. Ron Fellemende became the fifth pastor to serve this congregation.  It was during this period of ministry that the ceiling tile auditorium was lowered and remodeled.  Bro. Fellemende served until 1973.


In 1973, Bro. Dale Cain became Temple's sixth pastor and served for the next four years.  During this period, the church observed its 30th anniversary. A special Homecoming service was held on May 15, 1977, with Bro. W.C. Bryant being the featured speaker.


In 1978, Pastor Harold Scarbrough became the seventh pastor of Temple Baptist Church. On May 22 of that same year, he led the Senior Adults in organizing "JOY Club" for "Just Older Youth".   In 1980, the sanctuary was remodeled.  Narrow multi­colored windows and red carpeting were added, and in 1987 cushions for the pews, choir chairs and pulpit furniture were re-upholstered in red.  Bro. Harold Scarborough served as pastor until 1988.  He had the privilege of holding one of the longest tenures at Temple.


Bro. Richard Dickerson came to Temple in January, 1989 and served until October 2001, moving to Stonewall, Oklahoma. 


In February, 2002, Dr. Freeman Burns was called as Intentional Interim Pastor, following the resignation of Bro. Dickerson. Dr. Burns faithfully led Temple through the transition period until Rev. Troy Richardson was called as pastor in 2002.


Bro. Troy Richardson ministered at Temple from 2002 to 2008. The most ambitious task involved remodeling of the South Education Building in 2005. Fellowship Hall and the kitchen were enlarged, painted, carpeted and re-tiled. New cabinets and pantries were installed, providing extensive storage.  The nursery and preschool areas were re-configured and were brightened with new paint, carpeting and doors. New restrooms were installed as well as new windows throughout the building. The lower level of the building is beautiful and inviting as a setting for meals, receptions and fellowships. The upstairs youth and children's departments were painted and re-carpeted and are now the youth department and Kidsville.  The youth and children have played a vital part in Temple with an emphasis on reaching the next generation of church leaders.


Bro. Chad Mantooth came to Temple in 2008 and moved to Georgia in 2016.


Bro. Charles Davenport, former Temple member, served as interim pastor following Bro. Mantooth until  December, 2016. 


Bro. Scott Higginbotham joined us in 2016 and has faithfully led us.  He has been a welcomed addition and our church continues to grow.  He formerly been pastor in Corpus Christi.

In summary, the growth and expansion at Temple Baptist Church was led by the following pastors:


W.C. Bryant 1947-1952

Hal Upchurch   1952-1960

W.B. Williams 1960-1962

Robert E. Jenkins  1962-1970

Ron Fellemende   1970-1973

Dale Cain     1973-1977

Harold Scarbrough 1978-1988

Richard Dickerson 1989-2001

Troy Richardson 2002-2008

Chad Mantooth 2008-2016

Scott Higginbotham, who began his ministry in 2016. 

Temple  Baptist  Church's History

June 5-7, 1987 was the celebration of Temple Baptist Church's 40th anniversary, with former pastors Brother Hal Upchurch and Brother W.C.Bryant preaching in the Sunday morning worship hour and Brother Bob Jenkins and Bro. Dale Cain preaching during an afternoon service.

In October, 2004, Alan Wilson resigned as Youth and Music Associate Pastor, feeling led by God to serve as pastor of First Baptist Church, White Deer, Texas. Harold Scarbrough II served as interim music director until September, 2005, when Andy Biles came to Temple as Youth and Music Minister. He served until November, 2006.  In 2006, a decision was made to have bi-vocational ministers for youth and music minister.  These positions were split between Will Scroggins and Dallas Eaves.  In 2012, Will was led to a full-time music position in Panhandle, Texas.  Interim music leader, Shane Wallace, served until he took a position as full-time youth pastor in North Carolina.  After Shane left, Jarred Errington , David and Stephanie Sanders have provided leadership.   


Drew East was hired in 2012 as Associate Pastor and Music Minister and served until he moved to Florida in 2016.  Following his departure David and Stephanie Sanders stepped up again to be in charge of arranging for music for Temple services.


Church secretary, Vicki Fleming, served for 37 years and retired in 2014.  Vicki's long-time "assistant" "CHURCH" was a faithful cat fixture in the office or hallway and was an official greeter to visitors.  He was one of Temple’s most beloved resident members.  He died on August 8, 2005.  


After Vicki's retirement, Julie Fisher served as secretary and Director of Children's Programs before moving to Pampa.   Terri Powell is now serving as church secretary.  


Kay Preston served as nursery coordinator until 2009.   Melissa Parks is now serving as nursery coordinator.  

Benny Harris served as custodian until his retirement in December 2016.  At his retirement, Wayne Martin filled the position as full-time custodian. Wayne passed away in 2020. Currently, Nathan Parks serves as Temple's custodian. 

Since the 60th Anniversary, many of our members have been called home with the Lord. The last member of Temple's Charter Members, Pauline Ellis Brinson, died March 26, 2017 at 104 years of age.

Temple  Baptist  Church's ministry and outreach

During its seventy years of ministry and service, Temple Baptist church has had many very capable and talented ministers and worship leaders and ministerial staff. Choirs at all age levels have received many awards as they have participated in association and regional events. For the past seventy years our youth have participated in many mission trips across the country, and we have continuously held Vacation Bible School every summer. Other ministries which have been a part of our church history include: a bus ministry, a pregnancy-crisis ministry at the Amarillo Area Crisis Pregnancy Center, Bible studies and Master­ Life groups at local prisons, various volunteers with local school programs as mentors, hospital ministries, Meals-on-Wheels drivers, worship service tape ministry, Shadow of the Steeple neighborhood block ministry and men's and women's ministry. Traditional mission activities and offerings are still being supported by the Baptist Women and Baptist Men organizations. Many thousands of dollars have gone into the benevolence ministry of our church. 


The men's ministry continues to be very important and includes fellowships, Bible studies and other ministerial projects including an annual car show.  


The women's ministry participates in many church programs and does an annual overnight retreat and Bible studies throughout the year.  


The music ministry at Temple continues to be an integral part of worship.  In 2013, membership was outgrowing the sanctuary and it was decided to offer two Sunday morning services, the 8:30 a.m. being traditional and the 11:00 a.m. service having more contemporary Christian music, reaching the hearts of all ages.

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